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July 2017 for 7-year-old Efim Politavkin promised to be fun and joyful: together with his family the boy went on vacation to Anapa. Warm water, sun, hot sand... All this was waiting for the Politavkins on the Black Sea coast. But they never made it to their intended destination.
About 150 kilometers away from Anapa, in Dinskiy District of Krasnodar Region, the Polytavkin family car was in a traffic accident. The car drove off the roadway and crashed into a tree. Yefim's father was killed in this accident, and the boy himself received two back injuries.
I am so sad( "One was a fracture in the lumbar spine. This injury did not affect Yefim's ability to walk. But the damaged vertebrae still needed to be fixed, so that there was no kyphosis - curvature or hump. That's why a month after the accident Yefim underwent surgery in Ufa: a special fixing plate was put in," Albina, the boy's mother, explains.

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However, in addition to the fracture, Yefim suffered a hemorrhage in his spinal cord during the accident, as a result of which the boy's legs were paralyzed. Fortunately, Yefim still has a chance to recover. "The connection between the brain and the legs is preserved to some extent. Doctors say that sooner or later motor functions will return and Yefim will walk," Albina shares.

But in order for the boy to be able to take independent steps at the right moment, it is necessary to keep the muscles and ligaments of his legs toned constantly. And to do that, it is important to undergo rehabilitation at least 4-5 times a year.

Thanks to the support of the Liniya Zhizni foundation, Yefim has already twice been able to undergo rehabilitation treatment at the Pediatric Psychoneurology Research Center, in August 2019 and in January 2020.

After rehabilitation, Yefim's condition improved noticeably, Albina Politavkina admits. "Right after the accident, Yefim couldn't feel his legs at all. Now a little sensitivity has returned - at least the child understands when someone touches his leg. Earlier Yefim could only move around the house in a special brace, an orthosis. We put it on his legs, chest and back. Now we can no longer use the upper part: Yefim puts the orthosis only on his legs and additionally uses crutches," Albina explains.

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